Dreaming and racing  - June 12th 2014

Last night in the middle of the night when I woke up as per normal I was pondering whether I could compete in the Paralympics in mountain biking. On googling the relevant information when I should have been asleep I realised that not only was mountain biking, not an actual Paralympic sports Fibro is probably not classed as a disability for the purpose of this! I will just have to keep chipping away and competing with everybody else. Though others may also be suffering from health problems they are not saying anything.

The musings came from the race I competed in last Sunday. This involved riding around a 6 something km course for 4 hours (well actually 4 and a half hours as I sneaked an extra lap in on the race). The race started well and an I dared to put myself near the front of the grid for a good start - this resulted in me starting way too quick and having to ease off after the first couple of hours for a bit. The course was fun but with a couple of steep pinches in it which I was really pleased, I managed to get up each time. It went well until I pulled over to let a fast person through promptly hit a tree root and before I knew it I went flying straight over the handlebars and landed heavily on my right hip. I quickly picked myself up slightly embarrassed in front of an audience of guys and reassured all that I was fine. I'm used to riding with constant pain so I just shut it out of my head. I carried on and secured a second place in the females which I was really happy with!

I'm going to return to my dreaming state now where I am a sponsored, professional full-time mountain biker ............. Oh well, have the weekend off to race as going down to NSW to ride Jack Ridges a 100km mountain bike race then back to my day job next week as a midwife! In another lifetime it could have been different.