An impromptu reflection


Today after the indoor training session where I found it impossible to meet all of the power and cadence requirements I decided to write a list of pros and cons to continuing with the athletic dreams. Hayley had been awake and in my bed at 3 am and I had to wake my husband at 5.45am to sit with Hayley whilst I completed my one-hour training session.

Pro’s (sticking with the programme and not quitting)


  • I enjoy the structure of the training plan as it gives the exercise a purpose
  • I love riding my bike
  • Training means I can recover quicker from the long distances 
  • Strength from conditioning means I can enjoy riding my bike for long periods of time
  • Satisfaction from following my plan and achieving my goals 
  • Building resiliency which is important when caring for a feisty 2-year-old and the challenges which work brings
  • Being a good role model for Hayley - women don’t have to give up on their ambitions when they have children - women can be as strong as the men and over long distances can challenge them - sport/fitness/outdoor lifestyle is vital for wellbeing
  • Inspiring others to give a sport a go and give racing a go
  • Realising how mentally strong I am and that I can have the confidence to face adversity head on this filters through to all parts of my life and in turn has a positive effect on both Tom and Hayley
  • Making new friends and finding new mentors through the riding, training and racing
  • Sharing my struggles and overcoming major barriers with the Fibromyalgia and showing others with a chronic health problem that they can still have dreams and ambitions which they can fulfil 

Cons (sticking with the program and reasons to quit)

  • Expense - several thousands of dollars per year - fixing bikes, buying equipment, training, PT, gym fees, entering races, training, travel, child care, maintaining of transport - cars and trailer
  • Time away from family especially with the long 24 hour races, training time
  • Insufficient time for making and maintaining friendships
  • Frustration with the competing priorities
  • No time to study to progress working life
  • Annoying my husband from leaving him too many times and for too long a period when I’m training and racing
  • Injury - falling off bikes

Therefore I have to keep reminding myself that the pro’s of the sport outweighs the cons of not continuing. I always come back to the ‘why’ am I doing it and the pro list has just revealed this to me.