Fatigue and Fibromyalgia and having a rest

Well, it's time to add to my blog. It's been a very busy couple of weeks which is probably why I am feeling more fatigued than normal.

Under my husband's guidance, I decided to have a day off my bike and drive to work. I'm glad I did as it was pouring down and I hate riding to work on wet, slippery roads. My real motive for driving was the intense cramping pain I was suffering in my left knee. Whilst I know that the pain is in my muscles and not in the joints and I am not doing myself any damage from exercising at times it's difficult to persuade my brain that the pain means nothing. Normally I will just carry on but I know I have been working really hard on the bike for the past 3 weeks and it has caught up with me. Since Sunday I have ridden 162km on the mountain bike and 62km on the road bike and it is only Thursday!  I've also raced for 22 hrs on the mountain bike at full pelt in the last 3 weeks.

This week I have also quit drinking diet drinks including cola. Whilst I don't consume a lot of these I have been reading about Aspartame and beginning to wonder whether this has an impact on the Fibromyalgia. If the Aspartame is not making a difference then I have a come back to people who think this may be what the problem is. If it works great if it doesn't then I'm sure my body will still thank me for it.

Last weekend I ventured down to Nambucca Heads to ride a trail called Jack Ridges. It was a fun weekend as I went with friends and it was good to meet new people as well. The trail was awesome and the event was very well run by the local mountain bike club. The track was 10km long of flowing single track almost like you ride in the UK. There were plenty of fun features and not too much climbing! The event was 100km long which I completed in 5 hr 18 to win my category and be the second female overall home. I came 33rd out of a total of 108 competitors including men. The event in a way was more exhausting than riding a 24 hour as you had to pedal the entire time and I was pushing myself from beginning to end. There was a lot of support out on the track and I got chatting to some like-minded people to take my mind off the pain. There will be a video taken with the Go Pro to accompany this post shortly.

I have a couple of weeks off from racing now so I can continue training, have some more skill lessons, go stand up paddle boarding, go scuba diving - oh and go to work for 4 days a week in the middle of doing all this. I am so glad my role is in education which means less physically taxing work and more mental work which suits the Fibromyalgia perfectly!

I currently have 1 dog looking expectantly at me and 2 cats meowing for their dinner!