An impromptu reflection


Today after the indoor training session where I found it impossible to meet all of the power and cadence requirements I decided to write a list of pros and cons to continuing with the athletic dreams. Hayley had been awake and in my bed at 3 am and I had to wake my husband at 5.45am to sit with Hayley whilst I completed my one-hour training session.

Pro’s (sticking with the programme and not quitting)

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 Tea parties and training for an Everesting attempt

Hell no! This would be my advice to anybody asking my opinion regarding whether it is possible and advisable to juggle a toddler, career, home life and athletic aspirations.

Personally, without all of the above challenges, I would not be a successful endurance athlete.

Prioritisation and organization I believe are the key attributes in ensuring success in all aspects of my life. I incorporate road training and intervals whilst commuting by bike to work, I swim during my ten hour work day, I complete my core, strength and yoga practice after Hayley goes to bed at 6.45pm. I meditate for 10-15 minutes each evening before I go to sleep. I ride my mountain bike on Fri, Sat, and Sun. I do housework whilst Hayley occasionally naps during the day (on another note Hayley will not nap every day she is at home which may account for the seemingly untidy house!)


Planning for the 24-hour race - What to Eat

It has taken me awhile to work out what is best to eat during a 24-hour race. I have ascertained that I cannot cope with gels or energy drinks as my stomach begins to be unable to digest them, I feel sick with them and more importantly, it results in ulcers in my mouth and throat so that sometimes I cannot eat anything for 2 weeks after a 24-hour race. Having the infinit mix every 4 hours and normal food and drink in between really helps to fuel the body. Over time I have tried to sit down and work out how many calories I should be taking in per hour. This is a difficult way to ascertain what, how and when I should be eating and energy expenditure varies during the race.

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 I have recently posed the question of why do I ride a mountain bike?

I guess there are plenty of other sports I could be interested in and the natural progression from childhood would be to own and compete in the endurance discipline on a horse. Horses, however, are very expensive, time-consuming and unpredictable and my husband has offered up a divorce if I bought one. This leaves me with a little option if I wish to compete in endurance events. I suppose I could try swimming but I have a fear of open, deep water and I am by no means accomplished at this sport and it would take hours just to complete a couple of kilometers. I have tried running sporadically but with the Fibromyalgia this sport doesn't work for me

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Exercise in pregnancy and the early motherhood months

Last time I wrote on WordPress was three years ago and so much has happened in the three years which have passed. After dabbling in writing a blog I lost my way and gave up as I was convinced nobody would be interested in my posts and I lost some confidence. Re-reading my posts I have enjoyed reliving my adventures and have come to the conclusion it is completely irrelevant if anyone shows an interest or not the writing

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