In2Adventure Ferny grove mountain bike 50km race

It's really hard to write a race review when you seem to have very little time to compile it.I've currently snook away from Hayley for 5 minutes whilst she is painting pictures of bunny rabbits and currently I am trying to ignore the banging coming from the other room.

The race is part of the In2Adventure series and mainly focusses on the off-road triathletes and incorporates the 50km mountain bike marathon race.  I was racing, in the elite category, amongst the strongest and fittest women, you can ever meet. I regularly had to remind myself that although I was feeling fatigued the previous day these women had completed not only an off-road triathlon but also a 21km off-road half marathon. The women were then backing it up with a mountain bike marathon. 

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24 Hour Hidden Vale 2018 - Race Report

I thought you had blown it’ Statement by Husband after the race comments on the first 6 hours of the race

Are you OK do you need medical assistance‘ statement by a friend after the race at presentations

‘You must be a phenomenal athlete to bring it back from the brink twice’ statement by a male solo competitor

‘Are you OK do you have food’ statement by world 24 hr mtb champion offering me food again (this is not the first time he's offered food every time I see Jason English out on the track he offers me food!)

I’m struggling to keep pace with you, you may just have to go’ statement by a male friend on 2nd to the last lap I was trying to take energy from him

‘Where’s your competition xx whats she up to‘ statement by world 24 hr champion

I don’t really care where xx is I’m just trying to ride 300km, oh and I’ve learned how to make my bike jump!‘ statement by me to world champion

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Hidden Vale 24 hour solo race Easter 2018 - Reflection


21 laps


5711 meters 

24hr 19 min

1st solo female

4th overall solo (men and women) (1st place 23 laps, 2nd place 21 laps, 3rd place 21 laps - in 24 hrs 17)

2 laps down on male leader - former world 24-hour champion Jason English 

16km laps

1x fall after hitting a tree

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