Brisbane Valley Rail Trail E2E - 334Km round trip


The Brisbane Valley Rail Trail (BVRT) runs from Wulkaraka (near Ipswich QLD) and runs to Yarraman (QLD). The trail is a disused train line and has an interesting history attached to it. Please look up for more information.

The return trip to Yarraman is currently 334km - this distance will change when the Toogoolawah to Moore section is opened in June 2018.

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Sunshine series 1st race of a 5 race series - Adare

'I have no words regarding this race' was what I uttered on the podium when I gained a surprise 3rd place. This is the worst I had felt in a race in a long time both mentally and physically.

I had pre-ridden the course the previous day twice. The first lap I did with another girl who has not been riding for very long so I had time to approach an obstacle, stop, assess the situation, ensure there were no massive drops after boulders and turn round and ride it. The only part of the course which I knew 100% I couldn't ride was a steep rocky hill. I made the decision on the practice lap that I wouldn't ride this. I made the conscious decision to stop at a particular bush and walk/run/hobble the next section until it was even enough to get back on. I seem to have a little trouble with my balance at the moment and I'm not sure if this due to the Fibromyalgia or my normal clumsy self.

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In2Adventure Ferny grove mountain bike 50km race

It's really hard to write a race review when you seem to have very little time to compile it.I've currently snook away from Hayley for 5 minutes whilst she is painting pictures of bunny rabbits and currently I am trying to ignore the banging coming from the other room.

The race is part of the In2Adventure series and mainly focusses on the off-road triathletes and incorporates the 50km mountain bike marathon race.  I was racing, in the elite category, amongst the strongest and fittest women, you can ever meet. I regularly had to remind myself that although I was feeling fatigued the previous day these women had completed not only an off-road triathlon but also a 21km off-road half marathon. The women were then backing it up with a mountain bike marathon. 

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