So can you Everest on a mountain bike off road? Yes!


To undertake any serious endurance event you need to have a very ‘strong why’. Everesting a hill is not a normal behaviour for many people.

Recently I completed an ‘Everesting’ on a local hill. The concept of this was first proposed by the Hells 500 club whereby a cyclist ascends the same hill until they have cumulatively climbed the height of Everest or 8848 meters. The challenge has no set time but you are not allowed to sleep during the challenge. It must be on the same hill which you ascend and then descend. The challenge was first described by George Mallory when he ascended Mount Donna Buang in 1994 when he rode 8 laps of the hill. The format was cemented by Andy Van Bergen in 2014. The challenge has since been completed by 2,283 people (both female and male) in 73 different countries mainly on tarmac on a variety of bike types. A handful of Everesting’s have been completed off road on mountain bikes.

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Pride comes after numerous falls

On Sunday I competed at the National mountain bike marathon at Bay View in Brisbane known as the Bay View Blast. As last year there were only myself and one other female in the elite category I decided to enter the female elite 90km marathon. I then realised that there were to be 7 in my category which included a National champion, a Commonwealth games road cyclist, a rider as quick as the male elite riders and another couple of high calibre riders. I was very tempted to change category but then I decided to stay where I was and face the competition. 

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When the mental tricks don’t work Nerang XCO June 2018


Last Sunday I raced in the elite women’s category of the Queensland State Mountain bike cross country series which was held at Nerang. Nerang is very technical and challenging with steep rocky pinches, narrow trails with tight corners and steep descents. I have previously raced at Nerang and have ridden there socially. I find the trails push me out of my comfort zone and improve my technical riding.

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