Samford xc race

A successful comeback to racing after the hospital incident.

The trails out at Samford scout camp are fantastic. Dry, technical, steep and plentiful climbing, fun descents and all in just under 5km of the track.

We arrived there early to do a practice lap. I was back in 10 minutes wondering where the rest of the track was I had inadvertently ridden down the kiddies track. I went back out for another practice lap and rode the grown-up version of it this time. I was back in time for the start of the race.

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Why it is a bad idea to fall on rocks - 3 plus 3 Hidden Vale 

2 weeks ago I commenced riding in an endurance mountain bike race which consisted off racing 3 hours on a Saturday afternoon and 3 hours on a Sunday morning. It was west of Ipswich at a place called Old Hidden Vale. It was dry, rough, sandy in places and very rocky.

I got off to a brilliant start and had about 50 people in front and about 200 people behind me. I was riding with another female who I have become friends with. She overtook me and I decided to try and stay with her. I got through the technical sections but then missed my line crossing over a creek. I desperately tried to correct and take speed off - I hit one big rock and must have embedded my front wheel behind it as the bike threw me off to the right and I went straight over the handlebars and ended up wedged on a rock.

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Port to Port mountain race 2014

A few weeks ago I decided to enter a 4-day stage race through Newcastle NSW and the Hunter Valley. It would be covering approximately 200km over 4 days so not overly taxing stages and I believed it would be well within my fitness and skill level. I would also be staying with friends so would have a comfortable bed and home cooked meals to refuel me for the next day.

Previously, last May I completed a 7 stage 5 day mountain bike race in Alice Springs and whilst I had fun and learned a lot I also was not far off the last place - I was very slow compared to rest of the field. This year I decided to go somewhere different and cheaper.

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