Something different to keep me occupied on a Sunday!

Today I decided to do something a little different.

Well, the day didn't exactly go to plan as I started riding with a few guys on single speeds but well they were way too fast for me and were in a hurry so I opted to abandon the ride.

I then found myself at my very first cyclocross race as it was ladies day it was free to enter! The course was about 2.5km long mainly with lots of flat, bendy riding through about 2 meters wide of tape, then through a small mud bog and a little bit of single track. Oh and for good measure 2 planks which meant you had to get off your bike and jump over as I'm short they were nearly up to my knees.

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A bad day on the bike is better than a good day in the office

Last Sunday I had committed to racing a mountain bike at Mount Joyce which is a mountain bike trail park to the West of Brisbane, Queensland. It was a 67km race over varied terrain.

I was out to prove a point to myself after the fiasco last year. Last year I had accidentally missed an entire trail out of the race and not realised until I had got home. By the time I got home, I had managed to come 3rd in the race but compared my Garmin to the track and noticed a bit missing. I contacted the organiser and apologised and gave the winnings back. This year I was determined to get it right!

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Samford xc race

A successful comeback to racing after the hospital incident.

The trails out at Samford scout camp are fantastic. Dry, technical, steep and plentiful climbing, fun descents and all in just under 5km of the track.

We arrived there early to do a practice lap. I was back in 10 minutes wondering where the rest of the track was I had inadvertently ridden down the kiddies track. I went back out for another practice lap and rode the grown-up version of it this time. I was back in time for the start of the race.

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