Something different to keep me occupied on a Sunday!

Today I decided to do something a little different.

Well, the day didn't exactly go to plan as I started riding with a few guys on single speeds but well they were way too fast for me and were in a hurry so I opted to abandon the ride.

I then found myself at my very first cyclocross race as it was ladies day it was free to enter! The course was about 2.5km long mainly with lots of flat, bendy riding through about 2 meters wide of tape, then through a small mud bog and a little bit of single track. Oh and for good measure 2 planks which meant you had to get off your bike and jump over as I'm short they were nearly up to my knees.


On the practice lap, people were trying to ride through the bog and promptly getting stuck and falling in. As I was riding my only bike - by the way a full suspension mountain bike with gears is overkill for a cyclocross race but it was either that or my road bike. Through the race, I got off the bike and ran/jumped/fell over it not gracefully but it seemed to work. The planks were another story I can not pedal, unclip, and jump off the bike whilst it's moving. Neither can I jump back on the bike when it's moving these skills I will have to learn.

I got a good start and then sped up a bit throughout the 34-minute race it was surprisingly tiring trying to sprint for all that time. I'm sure though I was riding round covered in mud with a massive smile on my face!

I managed to pick up 2nd in the female open which I was more than happy with as I believe there were 12 girls in my race. The young lady who beat me has age and skill on her side and had been picked for the Australian junior XC team and is off to Norway shortly.

My bike has now been relieved off all the mud and is happier. I am sure I will do more cyclocross races in the future and am considering selling my road bike and buying a cyclocross bike which I can commute on as well.

The bike could tell amazing stories as the routes which it has traveled and the races I have put it through anything from cyclocross, multi-stage races, beaches and salt water, flooded creeks, 24-hour mountain bike races, short xc races and marathons and everything in between!