Samford xc race

A successful comeback to racing after the hospital incident.

The trails out at Samford scout camp are fantastic. Dry, technical, steep and plentiful climbing, fun descents and all in just under 5km of the track.

We arrived there early to do a practice lap. I was back in 10 minutes wondering where the rest of the track was I had inadvertently ridden down the kiddies track. I went back out for another practice lap and rode the grown-up version of it this time. I was back in time for the start of the race.


I had opted to just do the open women and not run in the elite as well for this race. On Saturday a good friend had a group ride of 70km+ up in Jimna north of Brisbane. The group became split between the fast and not so fast riders. I did the sensible thing and chased the fast guys up the hill and down dale for 70km. My legs were not my best friend by the Sunday.

The race started well with me in second until I overtook on the first hill and tried to put some distance between myself and the rest of the field. This was easier said than done as there were still teenagers and others out of the track who didn't know how to pull over safely nor could they ride the trails. By the end of the race, the second place was slowly gaining ground on the hills but I was dropping her going downhill. I was riding fairly quickly for the whole race.

Although I enjoyed the race I am not naturally a sprinter and prefer anything over 4 hours long. My bike still has the smaller 26inch wheels (dubbed a BMX by friends) is a dually, alloy and so not really suited to short distance events.

My husband came to cheer me on at this race and enjoyed being part of the race scene. I have recently started racing with the local bike shop team 'Taylor's' and Tom seems to get on well with the guys. He was helping to hand out the water to the guys which is always a vital role in keeping people hydrated and fed - it's even more important on longer races.

I have been receiving a lot of support and encouragement from Taylor's and they have been instrumental in keeping my bike running smoothly until it's retirement. I am finding the fact that somebody has finally recognised all my hard work has given me additional confidence.

I am planning on competing in Logan's run on Sunday which is a 70km mountain marathon so will post back after this time.

The Fibromyalgia is kind of behaving at the moment though my back was killing me yesterday and the pain moved and appeared in my right foot and ankle today. Where it will appear tomorrow is anybody's guess! If I keep riding I can keep ignoring it!