Why it is a bad idea to fall on rocks - 3 plus 3 Hidden Vale 

2 weeks ago I commenced riding in an endurance mountain bike race which consisted off racing 3 hours on a Saturday afternoon and 3 hours on a Sunday morning. It was west of Ipswich at a place called Old Hidden Vale. It was dry, rough, sandy in places and very rocky.

I got off to a brilliant start and had about 50 people in front and about 200 people behind me. I was riding with another female who I have become friends with. She overtook me and I decided to try and stay with her. I got through the technical sections but then missed my line crossing over a creek. I desperately tried to correct and take speed off - I hit one big rock and must have embedded my front wheel behind it as the bike threw me off to the right and I went straight over the handlebars and ended up wedged on a rock.


I am embarrassed to admit that I was screaming like a girl! I was 100% sure I had cracked my hip or broken my leg. The 4 guys behind me stopped and gave assistance - well I was making enough noise so they knew I wasn't dead! After a couple of minutes, they lifted me off the track out of harm's way. I then sat up, stood up and walked around. I was relieved to find nothing broken.

I then did the sensible thing and got back onto the bike finished the 10km lap then started on another lap. By the end of the second lap, the adrenaline had well and truly worn off. I stopped by the car to ask my husband for pain relief to which he promptly said get off the bike and sit in the car. Well, I couldn't stand and had blood running down my leg.

A quick visit to St John's sent me off in an ambulance to hospital complete with a neck brace. I was hyped up on the green whistle at this point. At the hospital, following scans, X-ray, stitches there was no lasting damage so I was packed off home minus the pain relief.

I had escaped with a black finger, bruise and swelling to right hip and 3 stitches in the leg.

I was more concerned I had crashed out of the 3 plus 3 and annoyed with myself for falling!

Oh well, I will be back for another day!