Fibromyalgia and the immune system

From my limited research, it looks as if the first two years of the child being in daycare is a rite of passage for sickness. We have had between Hayley and me:
Impetigo, ear infections, throat infections, glandular fever, gastro, colds, coughs, flu, and the list continues to grow. However, we have little or no choice for childcare as I need to earn in order to survive and stay sane.

Last June/July I had recurrent throat infections which would not clear eventually they did but it looks like they have made a return. Currently, I have had a sore throat – tonsillitis (initially bacterial treated with 2x types of antibiotics), now a virus causing Pharyngitis which is not going away I have had this now for 3 weeks and hope for it to recover quickly is rapidly evaporating. I decided I needed to take some drastic action and try and kick this as quickly as possible as the National 24 hour mountain bike race is rapidly approaching in 3 weeks time. I have missed one of the other longer races and a few weeks of proper training due to this throat infection. Not to mention the fact I now only have 1-day sick leave left and limited leave so at some point I will be off sick without pay.

I returned back to the float tank/chamber today to try and rest the body and mind to see if this relived it. I have started to take olive leaf extract and half way through a very strange detoxifying drink (I don’t normally go in for this type of thing but drastic measures are called for!) I’m currently drinking a mixture of chilli, garlic, ginger, honey and lemon and trying not to vomit I just hope it works!

I’m hopeful for the future as apparently Hayley would have been exposed to everything going before she reaches school so then will not need any additional time off. By then my immune system will either be shot or will be fantastic and I will never get sick again!!