I ride Rocky Mountain Element Bikes which were built by Jay Taylor at Taylor Cycles and serviced and maintained by Taylor Cycles www.taylorcycles.com.au

Forks and rear suspension serviced by Cyclinic Brisbane https://cyclinic.com.auhttp://



These are set up as follows on the main bike

Rocky Mountain Element 2017

Front forks: fox

Rear shock - Fox float

Wheels (carbon supplied with the bike)

Tyres: Maxxis - I find these the most ideal for the racing which I enjoy and are fully compatible with Joe's liquid latex (tubeless system)

Handlebars: Vector

Brakes: Shimano SLX

Pedals: Deore XT

1*11 - Shimano Xt Rear, race face front chainring

Saddle: WTB

Stem: ARX team 11

Generic foam grips


Back up/second bike (retired from racing)

Rocky Mountain Element 2014

Front forks: Fox

Rear shock - Fox float

Wheels: 2up carbon wheels built by Taylor Cycles Brisbane

Tyres: Maxxis

Brakes: Shimano SLX

Pedals: Deore XT

1*10 - Shimano XTR Rear, race face front chainring

Saddle: Prologe - pro-Dea

Seatpost: Dorolto

Stem: 3T

Pro foam grips


I use Ride mechanic: bike juice (chain lube), Down under (chamois cream), Avaqua (multi-purpose cleaning spray and polish), Zalish (surface active polish), Bike Milk (chain lube). I have been using these products for many years and have not found anything close to them. I love that this is an Australian product and they hail from the State in which I live. I support their ethos in being Australian made by an Australian company. I like that they have a presence at the local bike races and have always been highly supportive. I wouldn't use any other brand as this is, in my opinion, the best on the market for Aussie conditions and for 24 Hour racing. 

I use Garmin computers

My main computer is an Edge 520 when racing 24 hours I borrow my husbands 935 forerunner (with bike kit) so we can recharge the Edge - this also enables me to reset the Average speed for the night laps

I use Pedal Mafia bibs and tops with the Taylor Cycles branding.