About me and my Riding

Please bear with me whilst I recount my story as I feel it gives a good basis to how I got to this point and how I am not a normal mountain biker.

When I was growing up we used the bikes for transport to and from the horses we owned and for completing the paper rounds which I had acquired. As a teenager, we were competing and training the horses for eventing and endurance events. I was very quiet and introverted at school and bullied on a regular basis the horses were my solace. At University studying nursing, I quit the horse riding and I settled into a nonathletic lifestyle and became involved in an abusive relationship. I flew to Australia on a working holiday visa and met my husband (Tom) in Arlie Beach. At the age of 25 having attended University back in the UK studying Midwifery, I was overweight and very unfit. I started running but due to excruciating knee pain, I bought a mountain bike. Through mountain biking, I met a fantastic group of friendly people in Bristol and I soon gained fitness and strength and competed in a couple of races. 

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Races Won and Lost

This probably isn't a full list but it is as much as I remember

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